Sunday, December 9, 2018

Splendid record from Emily, Johnny, Jimmy and 601

I went to the Riverside Park with Chocolate and Irene .

We played a lot of facilities such as slipper and rocking horse. 
We had so much fun. 
Irene helped us take pictures.  I hope you like Mazu, too !
 I read with Chocolate.
We played claw machine. 
I played iPad with chocolate.
We had dinner together.  We went to bed together.

Chocolate was thirsty and I was hungry. 
 There will be an exam tomorrow. 
I had to review for it, and Chocolate could read it, too.  
This is my younger brother.
I read my favorite book.  So did Chocolate.  Good night, Chocolate.

We read and discussed the dialogue with the strategy which is ORID.
This was the last step.  We predicted what would happen next by drawing.

Before discussing, we had to know how to read these sentences
and what the sentences meant.  We taught each other.

The followings were the processes which we discussed.

After reading the dialogue, we drew to continue the story.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Highlights of the week for Evan and Vivi

Link to Introduction to McDonald International Video!!! 

Look at Spider!  He is eating the gingerbread house!

Spider is still eating the gingerbread house!

Look at the Christmas tree!
Spider hanging out with Evan and Liam.
Evan showing Spider the Christmas tree.

We're getting ready to decorate it.

This is me and Spider playing piano.

Here's me eating Pho.  Mazu had some too.  We're about to go to Elsa's concert.

Here's me and my cat.  I'm about to go to bed.
Mazu is trying to be friends with my cat.
Here's me and my dog Mondo.
I'm about to have my soccer practice.
Here's me eating.
Here's me eating breakfast.

Here's me and my sister about to leave to go to her musical concert.

Spider is helping us do our grammar.

Mazu is helping us with our grammar.

This is us at recess with Pinky and Spider.

This is Will choosing his genre bingo prize.

This is us making up our class story using the story mountain.

This is our chart that captured our thinking about lesson of the story,  connection to self.

This is people sharing their writing.

Scholars reading and writing compliments for each other's narrative essays about McDonald International.

This is us having our museum walk where we put compliments for other people's writing.