Friday, March 22, 2019

Highlights of the week from James and Sylvia

From James and Mazu...

From Sylvia and Spider...

 Spider and Sylvia
 Spider camouflage
 Spider looks at deep snow in Snoquamie Pass

 Spider plays air hockey
 Spider plays foosball
 Spider wants to try Sylvia's breakfast

Spider, Sylvia, Lily
Spider learns to play pool.

From Zeven and Spider...

 Out for sushi
 Playing on top of living room fort 
 Swimming at Oma’s
Sliding down banister at Oma’s 
 Spider meets Buppy and Lion
 Spider’s new house
Watching movie version of one of Zev’s favorite books, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

At Zeven’s guitar lesson

Spider was helping to type.

These are debate anchor charts.  We debated whether we should have homework or not.

We made cards for our volunteers that helped us with our essay.

We were working on our essays with our volunteers from Bureau of Fearless Ideas. This was our last session.

Monday revision status
Tuesday revision status

Wednesday revision status
Thursday revision status
We are making progress with our revision and editing.

Ms. Kochvar was talking about consequences and choices.

Stuffies and pj day!

Spider plus his friends were helping us with our anchor chart.

Black Group presenting No to Homework!

Black Group 2 presenting YES to Homework!

Red Group presenting No to Homework!

Red Group 2 presenting YES to Homework!

These are our final anchor charts.

This is the board of people who were bringing their writing folders home.  And if they didn't turn it in the next day, their hair would fall out.  Thankfully, everyone was safe from losing their hair.