Friday, October 19, 2018

Highlights of the week from Mia

At the Dallas Star ice hockey game in Texas.
On the bus going to the airport.
On the airplane.
Getting a pedicure (first for both of us)

 At the Rainforest Cafe
 Mia and Matzu getting ice cream
 At the Concacaf Women’s Tournament

Watching the USWNT qualify for the World Cup

We are working on poetry: we thought of a place and wrote what heard and saw in that place.

This is our non waiting place.  If we need help with something, we put our name down and we can write what we need help with.  In the bottom right corner, there are ways we can try to solve problems first before asking Ms. Kathleen.

We wrote a five sense poem too.

We made our longest stamina goal which was 20 minutes.

We wrote dialogue poems.

We read the book Weird.  It was about a girl named Sam who was a bully to a girl named Luisa.

Me and Mazu with my new tables.

Silent productivity time where we can read or write silently.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

  Splendid record from class 601

Boss-I like to take a picture with my classmate.
Johnny- We discuss the possible answer of the dialogue by Kahoot.

Danny-There are lots of my classmates in the photo.
Hank- I like to discuss with everyone. 

Lynn, Angel, Emily, Irene- 
We are excited at playing the country cards.  
We are very happy.

Wilson, Gary, Oscar, Jimmy- Some of our classmates don't know how to say the sentence.  We teach them.

Melody, Jenny, Angel, Mia-We learn the names
 of different countries and play paper, scissor, 
stone to win the card from others.  
Look at Mia's surprised face.  We're so happy.

Joeannie, Sean- We practice how to say the name of the country 
in the limited time.
Sunny-  We want to collect four countries to be the winner.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Highlights of the week for William

These are my photos with Mazu. She is a goddess from Taiwan. I was glad to show her my daily life and hope you like my post. 

These are my friends; I let them hold Mazu after school.
This is my brother Vincent; he went to my friend's birthday party.
This is me eating with Mazu.
This is me with Mazu doing my homework.
This is me and my brother drawing a picture of Mazu.
This is Saturday school where I learn Chinese.
This is my swim meet.
This is my view from my house.

I drew this picture.

This is what we voted on after the jar was full.  We earned choice time, food, stuffies, and PJ for filling the compliment jar.

 This is the small groups where we learned to listen to each other.

Book tasting from last week...

The class looking at the gifts and souvenirs sent to us by our Teddy Bear Exchange classroom in New Taipei, Taiwan.

This is the fish bowl where we showed the class how to behave in the small groups.

This is our class taking jellyfish notes.  Mazu was hanging out while we were taking notes.

This is our small group listening to each other.

This is Ms. Kochvar's lesson for bullying.

This was independent reading time where we read by ourselves.

After we wrote poems, we got to share them.